FairCopy (Early Access)

FairCopy: A word processor for the digital humanities.

FairCopy (Early Access)
FairCopy (Early Access) 2

Introducing FairCopy, a word processor that can read, write, and view TEI encoded texts. FairCopy is the first in a planned suite of new tools aimed to advance the state of the art in Digital Humanities. It is currently in Early Access, which is available free to interested scholars.

The internationally accepted “Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange” or “TEI” for short, are a powerful XML code created specifically for transcribing primary sources. Using FairCopy, you can transcribe texts with greater precision and in less time than with existing methods. It completely supports the TEI Simple schema and can import valid TEI of any schema. Faircopy makes it easy to link texts to manuscript images and linked open data, and to create your own controlled vocabularies to describe your corpus.

FairCopy is desktop software for PC and Mac, so it works offline and your data stays on your computer and stays private. It will be available in English, Spanish, and French when it launches, with more languages to come. Pricing for FairCopy will be accessible to individual scholars.

To sign up for free early access just click below! Full release of FairCopy is expected in mid-2021, with individual and institutional subscriptions available.