We help people develop successful DH projects and programs.

Consulting 2

Thanks to our experience working on projects with scholars in many fields, Performant has gained a unique perspective on the ever-evolving State of the Art in the Digital Humanities.

On that foundation, we offer consulting services, advising on the technical dimensions of individual projects, and on strategy for centers and programs which seek to support those projects.

We help scholars, developers, labs and centers in Digital Humanities to:

  • Write strong grant proposals.
  • Develop strategies for impactful Digital Humanities Labs and Centers at any stage of maturity.
  • Implement and integrate TEI, IIIF, Linked Open Data, databases, web annotation, jekyll, and other technologies.
  • Build in-house technical capacity through training and team-based development.
  • Sustain completed projects over time in partnership with libraries and IT departments.

Case study

Over a multi-year engagement with the Hofstra Digital Research Center, we partnered with dozens of scholars and students in a range of fields of study along with visionary administrative leaders, to create a DH program that fits with Hofstra’s mission and culture.

The DRC website provides a view of the many projects and programs we helped build, in the process making Hofstra a substantial presence in the Digital Humanities landscape in New York, nationally and internationally.

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