Software Development

We develop software for research and teaching

Software Development
Software Development 2

We are strong believers in thoughtful and selective application of technology, and we work in close collaboration with our scholarly partners. That means the software we build is co-designed with its expert users, to support and enhance established patterns of humanistic scholarship.

We are well-versed in widely-used DH software tools, practices and standards, and we’re good at bringing innovations from other domains to bear on challenges unique to the humanities.

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Where we can reuse existing patterns or code, we do; where we can’t we build things from scratch. Technologies we use include:

  • Component-based front-end frameworks like React, to make reusable interfaces.
  • Mature, time-tested web frameworks like Ruby on Rails for applications and APIs.
  • Industrial-strength databases like PostgreSQL to keep your research data safe.
  • Static site generators like Jekyll for quick, secure websites that are free to host and easy to maintain
  • Open Standards like TEI for text markup, IIIF for images and RDF for Linked Data

If you have a digital humanities project in mind, we would love to hear about it.