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Here are some of the open-source software projects we participate in to support research and education in the humanities.

By participating in open source, we develop tools we can use across multiple projects. We offer hosting of these tools for an individual project or for an entire institution. All our software uses widely adopted data formats to make it easy to import and export data.


FairCopy Editor is a desktop word-processing application for the humanities: Import your text, add structure and semantic markup in an intuitive, code-free interface, and you’ve produced valid TEI-XML.

We are presently developing, so you can work with a team of collaborators, enlist software agents to help with big or specialized jobs, extract data, and publish an edition with embedded knowledge.


Marginal inline commentary superimposed on text and images is a powerful mechanism for learning and communicating with other scholars. Recogito makes it possible to do that in the browser, in real time, and in secure, private, and well-structured groups. It’s like a classroom where students and teachers convene “in the document.” TEI text and IIIF images are annotated with W3C Web Annotations: all standard, all open source, and all easy to use. Our team included the developers of the NEH-funded Annotation Studio, developed at MIT, and the original Recogito platform, developed with the Pelagios network, borrowing and combining ideas and features from Recogito and Annotation Studio to create a worthy successor to both of those platforms.

Core Data

Our Core Data platform makes it easy to build a custom data entry environment for the most common data models: People, Places, Events, Sources, and Objects. It also supports project-specific Ontologies, Categorizations, Groupings, and Collections and Relationships between them to suit your domain model. You can also build new models from scratch, and they coexist happily with Core Data. Everything in the Core Data model conforms to widely adopted standard models and can be published in standard data exchange formats.


Whether you’re transcribing text from printed or handwritten documents, collecting photographic documentation of art or architecture, or creating a browsable archive of PDF, video, or 3D objects, the IIIF Cloud CMS can handle, organize, and present it all either as a standalone solution or integrated with a custom data management system.

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