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We used Image technologies and Hosting to create Archnet for the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and the Aga Khan Documentation Center at MIT.

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Archnet is an open-access resource with over 120,000 images, texts, and videos on the architecture and visual culture of Muslim societies.

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Part of what makes Archnet such a remarkable resource is that it shows the interconnections between Sites, Authorities, countries, media, and publications through curated collections, tags, locations, and other elements. We built a custom CMS where these relationships can be created and then presented.



For this image-rich site, we developed methods of curating collections of images through the CMS and of viewing and navigating individual images, collections of images, and associated collections on Archnet through a single image viewer, an image carousel, and a gallery view.

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Performant provides hosting for Archnet, including its image library. Site maintenance comprises server and library updates, general code maintenance, and periodic reviews of external services.

Project Management

Project Management

New features and larger initiatives are scoped through statements of work. We schedule work sprints and meet biweekly to discuss progress and priorities.

Software Development

Software Development

We developed a custom CMS using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS. A PostgreSQL database stores the myriad connections between the Sites, Authorities, documents, and media.

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