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Books as Symbols in Renaissance Art

We used Data technologies and provided Project Management to create Books as Symbols in Renaissance Art for the Schoenberg Center for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

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An open-access database of representations of books and other documents in Renaissance art.

Project Included



When we started working with the BASIRA project, they already had a sizable database of representations. Under the client's direction, we create a backend and user-facing site that was flexible enough to handle the myriad ways books can manifest in Renaissance art.



BASIRA has a sophisticated faceted search system that allows visitors to explore all of the interrelations between different representations of books.

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Project Management

Project Management

Performant developed a statement of work with budget and schedule which we then executed for the client. We checked in on a weekly basis, showing progress with the project and incorporating feedback along the way.

Software Development

Software Development

We developed BASIRA using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. We used TypeSense for indexing and faceted search.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Performant's React components library allowed us to rapidly develop the backend with a uniform and high-quality user experience.

Tech Stack Used


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