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Open Islamicate Texts Initiative

We delivered Team Augmentation and developed Text interfaces to create a new eScriptorium user experience for OpenITI.

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The Open Islamic Texts Initiative (OpenITI) aims to develop the digital infrastructure for the study of Islamicate cultures.

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eScriptorium supports both upload of images and import of IIIF presentation API manifests to facilitate the transcription process.



OpenITI uses the open source eScriptorium handwritten text recognition (HTR) platform, which applies machine learning to text transcription for right-to-left (RTL) languages, including Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, among others. eScriptorium is a Django/Python application with a new Vue.js front end.

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Software Development

Software Development

Performant developed a new Vue.js front end to the existing eScriptorium application, building a completely new user interface to make the the eScriptorium toolset accessible to scholars with a broader range of skills.

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

OpenITI and eScriptorium have teams of scholars and developers who collaborate across universities. Performant provided specialized support, leading stakeholders through a UX/UI design process and then implementing the updated interface.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Performant led a review of the existing eScriptorium platform interface and created new UX/UI designs that balanced feedback and requirements from multiple stakeholder and user groups.

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