Performant Software Solutions LLC

We partner with scholars in the humanities to utilize web technologies for publishing and research.

Why Choose Performant?

We love working with scholars to explore the possibilities of the Internet. We are contributors on a number of open source humanities projects. We're also involved in the production of a number of digital critical editions. Our work pursues questions of textual markup and annotation, relating these building blocks of scholarship to linked open data and visualizations of time and space. We've worked on projects funded by major government and private charitable organizations. We've been at it since 2006.

Grant Planning and Early Stage

We prefer to connect with clients as early in the process as possible, to help align budget goals with project aims. We help you plan for success with free estimates.

Web Application Development

We are specialists in the lastest open source technologies, including Ruby on Rails, HTML5, and contemporary JavaScript. We develop everything from interactive vizualizations to search engines.

Maintenance and Support

After your project ships, you can rely on us to host it and keep it up and running. We can also help your institution or enterprise IT to take on your application.

Recent Projects

Juxta Editions

Juxta Editions is a professional editing suite for the creation of digital scholarly editions.


TextLab helps scholars and editors examine manuscript revisions of any literary work.


Itinerary combines geo-data, annotation, and images to help researchers present a text—for example, Herman Melville's London journal—as an interactive course through space and time.

COVE Collective

COVE is The Central Online Victorian Educator, a scholar-driven site that publishes peer-reviewed Victorian material.

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